Quit Menu Hangs


Almost got my initial osx port done with just one issue remaining - the default ‘quit’ menu doesn’t quit but just hangs with the spinning beachball.

Anyone know how to resolve this? I suspect it’s linked to the fact that NSApplication.Terminate() which is supposed to be the :correct’ way of quitting also hangs a MonoGame app and I have to use System.Environment.Exit() instead.

I’m using the 3.6 templates which seem to be missing many of the files referred to in most Xamarin.Mac documentation (e.g. MainMenu.xib, AppDelegate.cs etc) which makes it kind of hard to figure out what’s going on!

Any help appreciated.

BTW - other than this outstanding issue it’s only taken a day to port my game which I think is pretty good going! Well done MonoGame!

@BitBull, were you able to solve this problem?
I see the same problem, but have not yet found a solution.
If you found a solution then please let me know.

Best regards,


No I never solved it - I still seem to be getting these issues! If you do find a solution please let me know and I’ll do likewise.