Hey all,

Recently I was given full administrative privileges to the MonoGame subreddit and I was simply going to leave a link to it here so that any reddit users of the forum could subscribe and contribute to it as well. :smile:

I’m a frequent commenter over at http://reddit.com/r/gamedev and one of the things I’ve noticed is that most of the hobbyist programmers on there seem to like libGDX for whichever reason. I’ve tried playing with it a few times, however in comparison to other managed cross-platforms such as MonoGame (wink), I feel as though it pales in comparison. Reasons being that it makes use of Java, and all IDE’s that I’ve used for Java seem terrible. For me, it’s been hard to find anything more stable or cleaner than Visual Studio.

Anyway, my plan was to perhaps fuel the community on there somewhat so that commenters from other subreddits would notice this amazing framework and will want to begin using it as well. :smile:



Hopefully it will become more active. :slight_smile: I will subscribe and participate sometime.

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Good work on spreading the word. I’ve never used Reddit myself, and am already stretched thin on other platforms, so thank you for taking up the reins on that and running with it.

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I’m just making note here that I am working on updating the stylesheet of the subreddit at the moment so it fits in well with the style of this website.

If any of the developers from the MonoGame project would like Moderator privileges, then just send me a PM or a tweet and I’ll happily do that. :smile: