Ram usage increases when MediaPlayer switches songs

I’m using MediaPlayer to play background music. When I switch whatever song is playing I can see the ram usage increase by several MB (using the ‘Performance and Diagnostic Tool’) even though it’s a song that’s been preloaded. After a lot of song changes this could become a problem. I want to make the game use as little of the computers memory as possible. Does anyone know why this happens and or how to fix this?

 Song song1;
 Song song2;

 protected override void LoadContent()
            song1 = Content.Load<Song>("song1");
            song2 = Content.Load<Song>("song2");


 void updateMusic()
            if (gameState == "lvl1") { MediaPlayer.Play(song1); }
            else if (gameState == "lvl2") { MediaPlayer.Play(song2);}

Hi! Is this still an issue for you?