Randomchaos MG Samples

OK, checking this in, tidies the code up a bit and fixed a few tangent calcs in my primatives :slight_smile:

Hope you find it useful :smiley:

N.B. Not added point light shadows yet…

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So, was thinking about cross hatch shaders the other day and this morning found this articles for use with Unity, so just ported it to my samples repo :slight_smile:

I think I am going to take my material framework from my engine and put it in the samples so it makes doing this sort of stuff a little easier… may end up restructuring the samples all together lol


After reading @willmotil’s post here, I thought I might migrate a RTSP library I wrote to MonoGame, I guess you can do what you like with it, you may want to optomize the way I am loading the Texture2D, seems a little cumbersome, was easier in Unity, I could do a RawLoad from the IntPrt :confused:

Updated the RTSP streamer code as I found it had a memory leek in the unsafe bit. Hoping I fixed it anyway :smiley:


Last night I added a FXAA post process to my Post Processing samples. The shader has been ported from a Unity tutorial I found here.

It’s not the final shader, it will need optomizing and Ill break it down in a tutorial at some point.

I have opened up one of the first Patron MonoGame tutorials I wrote last month to none Patrons. I may do this with other comunity posts as they age.

Sprite Batch Flag Shader Tutorial

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So, I had a message from someone wanting to implement my old XNA 4.0 instanced volumertic cloud sample in MonoGame. I have not looked at this code in an age, and not looked at instancing in MG yet.

Happy to say I now have it working in my sample code base, and ill be commiting it to the repo, here, later today :smiley:


That is a nice one :+1:

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OK, just updated the samples to work with MG 3.8. I have just added the existing source to the 3.8 projects as links, but all other samples going forward will be for 3.8 only.

As a recap of what’s in here:-
Samples created based on community questions here:

SpriteBatch flags.

Image displacement

Mesh rendering

AA Rectangle collision

Key frame sprite animation

Terrain Examples:-
Basic terrain

Geo Clip mapping

Ports of my Old XNA posts
Basic water

3D and old scehool fire

My light and shade series

Other sand box samples:-
2D Crepuscular (god) rays

Deferred ligjting with shadow maps

A full post processing framework

Ray picking


So, a fair bit in there really, hope you guys find it useful :smiley:

All the MG 3.8+ code has a post fix of Core…