reading an xml file to extract images from sprite sheet in Monogame

I have compressed some animation frames into a sprite sheet using ShoeBox link to ShoeBox the spritesheet is here.

the xml file which has the sprite sheet data is here.

Can someone show me the code to use these two files to use in a C# / Monogame project in Visual Studio to extract the images from the sprite sheet and draw to screen? I can’t figure out how to use the xml info to extract the images from the sprite sheet.
Also where do i copy the xml file to? The sprite sheet I add to Contnet via the content pipeline. But the xml file?
Please help…
Mayday! Mayday!! :slight_smile:

This code works but prints the xml line in the reverse direction. Any Idea why?

` namespace ReadingAnXMLFile

class Program


    static void Main(string[] args)

        XmlReader xmlReader = XmlReader.Create("D:/C#/GameAssets/Images/alienExplode/images/alienExplode.xml");
        while (xmlReader.Read())
            while (xmlReader.MoveToNextAttribute()) // Read the attributes.
                Console.Write(" " + xmlReader.Name + " = '" + xmlReader.Value + "' ");
            Console.WriteLine(" ");
        Console.ReadKey(); // wait for keyboard input to exit