Recommend an alternative to AdMob?

It appears that the use of AdMob in Google Play games can be highly problematic. I’ve had my account investigated, suspended and now waiting around as they “continue to monitor” my activity, all the while ads are no longer serving to my tiny little game with a tiny little player base. I have no idea at all what I’m supposed to have done to encounter this type of treatment as they rub my nose in it declaring they can’t even tell me because it, “could be used to circumvent our proprietary detection systems”. Well that’s just splendid!

So…can anyone recommend a reputable alternative, ideally that you have personal experience of (proven to integrate with MonoGame?) but any recommendations would be most welcome since I seem to be virtually unable to determine what is a scam and what isn’t at this point.

Google I’ve heard of, the others I have not, other than Unity ads but they can’t work with MonoGame, can they?