Recording MonoGame applications with OBS

I am trying to record a MonoGame application on Windows using OBS. If I use Game Capture as source it does not work for some reason. Window Capture does work but I assume using Game Capture would have some advantages maybe? Also does anybody use OBS and can say if Game Capture does work for you?

Are you still using Windows 7?


Oh, or are you trying to do a live broadcast?

Windows 11 only just recording

I realised you might be trying to do a live broadcast… not just a capture?

Which is it?



Oh cool, what is this haha

Built-in capture, go to settings to set 60FPS and other settings for audio capture etc…

Like so:

I tend to use 192kbps

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I did a quick test and did set recording quality to high as suggested. But it seems that the quality is not optimal, maybe my machine is not good enough. With OBS I get recordings of size 10x or something but visual quality is pretty good. I am uploading the OBS recording at the moment to YouTube now.

Trying hard to not laugh, what are your system specs?


What resolution did you try capturing in?

Also, is it a DX or OGL game?

I capture pretty decently in UWPDX…

That was the 50,000 paper planes test I think


Though if there is a lot going on, such as in my earlier videos, yeah it does suck…


Side note on your showcase post, YouTube compression is a real pain… you got to work around it… a good solution is uploading in 4K…

Also, sweet video!

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Sorry I have to come back later and check for everything have to go AFK for now

It is particles…

Cool, try 30fps btw as it states it could help with clarity…

Also just replying so you can post a reply…

I noticed Game bar recording worked on windows 10.only.if you wrap and exe as a wap or a.make a .UWP, so it’s a windows app. But on win 11 i can record a windows console exe with it. But must set the font scale to 100. (on 4k we usually scale is up) or it’s records the wrong size. Also after u upload to YouTube it looks terrible at first…then check back later it might have been compressed and available in higher res.

Here are some screenshots where the same application is captured only when using ÒBS window capture not when using game capture.

Window Capture

Game Capture (not working)

I tested out OBS Studio using a Game Capture source and was able to record a MonoGame application without any issues. Have you tried, when editing the Game Capture source, using “Capture specific window” mode and then selecting your application from the list?

Edit: Ah, I see that your screenshot shows you have. Never mind. I believe the project I tried was a DirectX project, I’ll give a DesktopGL project a try and see if it still works.

Edit again: I tried a project that I knew for sure was a DesktopGL project, and it worked fine with Game Capture as well.

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Thanks for testing that. I will check on a different machine when I have time for that. Not that important since “Window Capture” and “Fullscreen Capture” are working but maybe using “Game Capture” has some other advantage like better performance?

I’m not really sure. If there’s an OBS forum somewhere, someone’s probably asked about it. If I had to guess, I would assume there’s little or no performance difference, just differences in options. For instance, in Game Capture mode there’s a checkbox for using SLI/Crossfire that isn’t there in Window Capture.