Releasing a MacOS port on steam?

So, I’m on the last stages of releasing my game on steam but there still one problem I have to solve, just sending my game files to the end user isn’t enough, I have to make sure that the mono binaries are installed on the user’s computer. What is the best method to make sure everyone will be able to run my game without running into dependency problems?

I’ve used monokickstart for my linux port, but when trying to use it for my mac port, it looks like my mono dlls (system.dll, mscorlib.dll, etc) are always on the wrong version. Is there a simpler method to release a monogame project to MacOS other than monokickstart? Or even, is there any way to know what are the right versions for the mono dlls assuming I’m using monogame 3.6 and targeting Mono / .NET 4.5?

Found the source of my problem, apparently I was mixing some files from those two repos:

I was using an MonoGame’s Kick.bin.osx while everything else were from flibitijibibo repo.
That was it was looking for an older mscorlib older than I had.

Check out the mono4.4 branch of

I also have a Nuget package which I am working on which will auto build a MacOS .app package for you

Its still a work in progress though.

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so build you app in release mode then run

msbuild <project> /p:Configuration=Release /t:BuildGamePackages /p: PackageTargetPlatforms=MacOS

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