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Ok i remove post.

Please don’t use use curse words and try to explain what is upsetting you in a calm and coherent manner.

Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding. The MG community is a very honest and welcoming, no one here try to rub you the wrong way.

I am sorry you are right but I am sad because they uss only connection with Facebook example game on Android or iOS i saw why they use only button to Facebook. Thry don’t use google+ or steam account. I am very hesitantly i am sorry i will respect you but thry don’t care to google+ or steam if they have still Google account because they use Android System. But why they use service monogame eith facebook only? I need to know. Thanks!


I’m having trouble deciphering your gibberish, but are you upset because you couldn’t find any example code to link your game to anything besides Facebook? MonoGame has no relationship with any social media website, what you do with MG is up to you, it’s just a game framework.

I think he meant this:
He reacted the same way on gitter. :neutral_face:

Gotta say, I’m curious now. What do these “medium”/redpoint guys have to do with MonoGame? Aside from apparently deciding to not use it for their game.

Oh I am going to watch this…

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@Sizaar you are correct - It is this. Yes i have left group of MonoGame from Gitter.


Thanks I have changed thread. PS: Where is delete function? PS: Please do not share my post to facebook! Promise me!