Renaming VS Project Names VB Monogame Related

Hi folks.

You might class this as a basic VS question, but I’ve not worked from templates before. I’m working in VB so I don’t get the option create a new project, Monogame doesn’t exist in the template list. 'Yet"!

So I have a blank project someone kindly donated, called GameName1. So I have GameName1.sln, GameName1vbproj, etc.

I can open the project and Save As, but that only names the vbproj file.

Are there the settings within VS to change these file names anywhere?


Press F2 when a file is selected ?

Yeah, but I’ve tried renaming files before and it breaks things!

The title of this post related to something else that I’ve managed to fix, nothing to do with collisions at all!

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Renaming breaks things? Can you explain more about what it breaks?

Pressing F2 on a variable or a method name makes the changes everywhere for you in the code (ie: refactoring)