RenderTarget2D content lost on resume

Hi guys,
I know that putting an app in background automatically unloads the content and when you resume it the content is automatically reloaded.
The problem I’m facing is with RenderTarget2D. If I draw on that target and then put my app in background that content is lost as expected. How can i recover what was inside that RenderTarget?

You need to redraw the RenderTarget when you recreate it.

Or use the WP8.1 version that no longer unloads the content when you resume the game.

Yeah i know that the wp8.1 no longer unloads content. But i have a strange behaviour with fwvga resolution (lumia 630). The viewport is 800480 but it is stretched 853480 and some content is hidden by the virtual navigation bar. If you know how to solve that i’ll port everything back to wp8.1 :wink:

Hi LightAndrek,

this is supposed to fix the problem:

Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView().SuppressSystemOverlays=true; ?

Honestly, I’ve been unable to make it work with Lumia 630 WP10 preview. If somebody is able to, please report! :slight_smile:

More references:

I just found the probable cause I can’t make it to work:

“Note that SuppressSystemOverlays only has this effect on the nav bar if Settings > Navigation Bar > Auto Hide is set on the phone.”

So this is not fixable for all devices unless you ask the user to set it to autohide.

I’m opening an issue for this, sorry for hijacking the thread :slight_smile: