Repeating sound.

Hi folks.

I’ve touched on this before, but this is a slightly different question. I’m ok with sound and the workings of xact. I’m ok with the code.

But, If say, I wanted a sound for a car, or a plane, or some other object that would make constant noise, how would I go about making the sound clip to be used?

I have a load of music kit, I play many instruments, but I have no idea how I’d make a clip of a sound that could repeat without any noticeable join.

Where do people get these sounds, or make them?


You can use a seamless sound. Essentially, the sound loops, but the end is continuous with the start. You can edit your sound in Audacity for example to make the end match with the start. You can do a fade in effect when the sound starts playing and a fade out effect when you want to end playing the sound.

Also our friend EricMatyas has loads of those for free (proper attribution required) here
You’re looking for ‘looping’ sounds.

Yeah, I understand the idea, it’s how to make the join unnoticeable. Thanks throbax, I’ll take a look later today.