Requesting access to Monogame for Xbox - have ID@ Access


I need access to the Monogame Middleware. I have been accepted to the ID@Xbox program. How do I obtain access to the private repo? I have sent Tom a message, but he may be on vacation or unable to respond.

Thank you for your time,

I think only Tom can do that. @KonajuGames?

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Bumping for access. I just sent Steve a private message too.

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I still have not been able to get access to the private repo. Does anybody know how I get access to the private repo? I can’t seem to get a response from either @Tom nor @KonajuGames, and I am not sure if I am even going about this the correct way.

Tom is not very active on this forum. Maybe send him an email at or try reaching him on Gitter:

Thank you for the tip! I just sent him an email :slight_smile: