Resizing with scaling

I automatically resize using graphics.PreferredBackBufferWidth and Height = whatever I want. The problem is that I want it to still use the coordinate system 800 by 450. How do I get backbufferwidth and height to scale to the screen instead of changing the game resolution? I think it’s just super simple and I don’t know.

You can render your game to a render target in the resolution you want, then draw that scaled to the backbuffer. If you don’t know how exactly, I posted about that here: [Solved]Scaling/zooming game window?

Thanks, this looks perfect. I’ll see if it works how I imagine in practice. Cheers!

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If you are using MG release 3.5 and Windows Desktop (DirectX) project be careful of this little bug. (Fixed in dev branch but not release I believe.)


I was doing exactly that, drawing to a RT and drawing that to the backbuffer and it boggled me for ages.

I didn’t get this bug, and my resolution system is super convoluted, so idk if I even apply to that.