Resolution changes are not updated

I’m having an issue where the changes to resolution or fullscreen are not being updated correctly. I set up a function to allow these changes and the code I want is executed when stepped through once triggered by a button press however the window remains unchanged.

        public void ResolutionUpdate(int Width, int Height, bool fullscreenSwitch, bool borderlessSwitch)

        if (borderlessSwitch)
            //if (Window.IsBorderless)
            //    Window.IsBorderless = false;
            //if (!Window.IsBorderless)
            //    Window.IsBorderless = true;
        if (fullscreenSwitch)
            graphics.PreferredBackBufferWidth = 1920;
            //graphics.PreferredBackBufferHeight = Height;
            //if (graphics.IsFullScreen)
            //    graphics.IsFullScreen = false;
            //else if (!graphics.IsFullScreen)
            //    graphics.IsFullScreen = true;

I’ve tried here to attempt to just change one value but still does not update. I’m not sure how to get it working within this function. It works in the constructor and Initialize function.

-any ideas…?

graphics.PreferredBackBufferHeight = 2000; works for me, my guess is for [insert reason here] fullscreenswitch is false. I’m using vs 2013 and the latest official build(not pulling from github, like I mean from monogames download section)

Nope, because stepping through the code, it gets executed

Try redownloading monogame from the site.