RespOwned - My entry for a Hungarian Game Dev Contest


I have created a small top down zombie shooter game with my basic “game engine(ish) codebase” for a hungarian game dev contest. Thanks for all the help I got from you guys! :slightly_smiling:

Download link:

Some screenshots:


Nice ! I’ve tested it, and for a competition it presents a lot of features :slightly_smiling:
It could be polished, concerning collisions (I’ve been stuck near a corner of foliage sometimes, turning the character freed it), add an RPG-ish leveling and weapons, and distribute it on stores. Add in game micro-payments, lighting, editor… ok ok calm down.
I’ve showed your game to my nephews (8yo and 10yo) and they have been playing for 45mins in a row (and for them, staying so long on a single game is a compliment per se)

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Omg, thank you! I did not expect such a praise! :smiley:

To be honest, the codebase in the background is a big mess, I am not proud of it from dev point of view. I am a working professional with private life as well, so even though the contest was 2 weeks long, I did not have much time to work on it (altogether, I spent something like 2 days as a whole on it).

A LOT OF polishing should be done on it. The collision does not work because I implemented the turning and movement in two different methods and only movement is pre-checked before it can actually happen. Turning does not check collision. Wrong design because lack of time.
I still does not understand why the player does not collide with pickable objects, like ammo properly. Sometimes you need to walk in/out of the ammo to be able to pick it up, sometimes it works fine. This is also coming from the above wrong design. :slightly_smiling:

RPG-ish style would be very good, but the contents do not support this. The player is one spritesheet with 3 small animation part. The weapon and the clothes are part of the spritesheet, so they cannot be changed.

No effects, no eye-candy stuffs is in the code. And a lot of content (bullet, gunfire, trees, just to name a few) have been created by my hands. Even though I am a musician, I have 0 2D art sense, so please take your nephews to the doctor to make sure nothing permanent happened to them! :smiley: When I present my 2D creations to my friends, usually a good and long laughing follows it, or sometimes I make them cry and run out of the world.

So, all-in-all, this game is more like a developer(ish) product that can show you how my “engine(ish)” codebase behaves in Monogame, rather than a real “game”. :slightly_smiling: I would not use it for tutorial purposes, unless I wanted to show someone what and how NOT TO DO things. :smiley:

I understand :slight_smile:
It’s also my case, not much time left after work and this few time is often used for something completely different than coding (as I code all day long at work)

Don’t worry for my nephews, they play games with far worse graphics on their smartphones :wink: (lookin at doodlejump, stickman-ish game…)