.resx file not working with UWP?

There are a few .resx files in my game that I use for localization. They were working fine with the old WP7 project and the WP8 project. However when I imported them into the UWP project, errors took place. Below is the error info:

Build action ‘EmbeddedResource’ is not supported by projects with an output type of ‘appcontainerexe’.

Can someone tell me what the problem is? Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling:

Seems it is because that Windows Store app doesn’t support the “Embedded Resource” build action. If that is the case, how can I implement localization function in my UWP app?

Found the solution:

In UWP you should change the .resx files into .resw files. The loading part is a bit messy though. It took me a while to reconnect all the UI strings…