Riemers 3D series 1 - Terrains archive migrated to MonoGame

Finished up this lunchtime and now managed to publish the latest Riemer XNA tutorial migrated to MonoGame

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I was looking forward to this one. I remember looking at this back in the xna days but I was not able to complete it.

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Simon; just started looking at your 2D series and you might want to check your Repo because the link for the sources gives a 404 error. This also applies to the sources for the 3D tutorials.

Apologies for the issues, cleaned the repo today and the asset packs didn’t get readded.
They have uploaded again and I have also made specific sections for the downloadable assets and completed source project.

Hope that helps.

Uploads are working, but the link for the 2D game assets is linked to the 3D terrain assets.
sorry to be such a pita.

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Nooooooo :smiley:
Please don’t apologize, it’s good you’re giving feedback and identifying issues. Will be fixed in 2 tics (simply copy paste error)

Sorted. Hope you enjoy the tutorial