Riemers 3D series 2 - Flightsim archive, migrated to MonoGame

Latest Riemers 3D article updated and finished on the XNAGameStudioArchive this weekend, this time is the 3D Series 2 Flightsim tutorial, which demonstrates

  • Adding textures to your triangles
  • Dynamically generating the 3D city environment
  • Adding the skybox to get rid of the black background
  • Basic, but accurate flight modeling
  • Camera movement
  • Point sprites, basic billboarding
  • Alpha blending

Check it out here:

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This tutorial looks extra awesome.

Thank @riemerg for that, it is their tutorial.
I’m only the caretaker who archived and migrated it to MonoGame :smiley:


Simon; Again the link for the sources is not working.

I did some cleanup today and moved the Riemers updated source to a new repo and linked it, so that consumers didn’t need to clone the entire repo when they just want the updated samples.

Everything should be working again now and sorry for the confusion.

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Nudge, got you a Ko-Fi, keep this going!

And a little bump :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MrValentine all very much appreciated.
Keep chipping away at it as time allows :blush:

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