Riemer's tutorials -> monogame.net ?

Hey guys,

Quite saddening to learn the site is not functional anymore; it was coded about 15 years ago with terrible tools and unfortunately at this moment I don’t have the time to make it working again.

Obviously I can send you all sources if you want (texts, assets, images, what you want), just drop me a mail at riemer dot grootjans at gmail.




Thanks @riemerg but I have everything from the site, only the website itself is down (seems to be a db issue) the rest of the files and downloads are still available.

Just finished the upgrade of the 2D series (on to the next) Just need to do a final proofing and it’ll be, as I like to say, done!.

As to the assets @MrValentine, there is a link in part 2 of the 2S series with the packaged assets.

I also have ALL of the assets for the rest of the other 3D series, so no fears there :smiley:

Thanks again @riemerg for all your efforts in the past and I’m honoured to be part of the archiving of this so it can be used for future MonoGame generations :smiley:


Your doing a good work here.

This will be a invaluable beginners resource and reference material for more experienced people as well.

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The first in the £D series is now online, coving the basics of 3D and generating of terrains/lighting.

Enjoy and consider supporting/sponsoring the archive if you can or are getting value from the project :smiley:

Next up, the Flightsim tutorial :smiley: (launch XWing)

Great! Thanks for your effort.
If you could create a separate page with the overview section of the contents of my old site, I could forward all traffic to that page. Or a link which jumps straight to the current section on your page is also fine.


This link takes people straight to the section for your tutorials @riemerg

But if you want a more dedicated page, let me know and I’ll set something up.

Also feel free to log issues on the Github page for any changes or additions you want to make. Obviously about the only thing XNA I didn’t get were your books :smiley:

I might try and circle back for the C++ articles once the XNA/MonoGame archiving is done.

the # in the URL won’t be escaped, even if I replace it with %23.
it’s resulting in https://github.com/simondarksidej/XNAGameStudio/wiki%23riemers-tutorial-series which gives a 404 in chrome

–> any ideas on how to solve this? alternatively a dedicated page with regular character would also work.

Well, hopefully this will help.

Freshly created from your Homepage this morning

You’ll find that visitors to my site are redirected immediately to this URL after you’ve added the missing ‘e’ back to my name :slight_smile:

thanks again for your efforts!

:wink: Can’t believe i did that. Filename updated.
At least everything else is spelt right @riemerg :smiley:

The Latest Riemers 3D article was updated and finished on the XNAGameStudioArchive this weekend, this time is the 3D Series 2 Flightsim tutorial, which demonstrates:

-Adding textures to your triangles
-Dynamically generating the 3D city environment
-Adding the skybox to get rid of the black background
-Basic, but accurate flight modeling
-Camera movement
-Point sprites, basic billboarding
-Alpha blending

Check it out here on the #XNAGameStudioArchive