Riemer's tutorials -> monogame.net ?

Dear community,

First off, I would like to congratulate the team on making this awesome thing called Monogame. It simply works, and has allowed me to make a fully cross-platform app with ease. Thanks!

Next to that, I noticed there’s an increasing amount of people googling for monogame arriving on my tutorial site at riemers.net. I remember I have put a huge amount of time in creating these tuts quite a while ago, but now I simply don’t have the time to look at them, let alone to upgrade them to Monogame (I guess that’s what 3 kids do to you…)

Anyway, I believe there’s a lot of content there that could be useful as teaching material for monogame. So if you want to host them here on monogame.com, the texts are yours, and I can then simply forward all traffic from riemers.net to eg riemers.monogame.net

For now I do not have the time to help too much in the process, so I’m hoping someone else would jump in to help. If needed, I could potentially help a bit around mid-summer. I think the tuts would need a small ‘getting started with monogame on the various platforms’, which I now have some experience as you see in https://www.lab-nation.com/app, a custom gui completely written in monogame, and running on all platforms we were targeting. Thanks!


Awesome! There’s still a lot of work to do in the MG documentation. Adapting these tutorials would be great IMHO! Thanks for the tutorials by the way, they helped me out a couple times before :slight_smile:

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@Tom What do you think of this?

I’ve had a quick look at your app. That’s a very cool idea! :slight_smile:
So the app itself is powered by MG. What are you using server-side?

Perhaps this isn’t the place, but thanks for the time and effort you put into those tutorials, Riemer!
They’ve always been amazingly helpful to me, even just using them as a references.

@riemerg - FYI… we’re taking you up on your offer here, but wanted to be sure how we do this is ok with you.

We plan to pull over your content, fix it up to be correct for MonoGame, and make further improvements. Mentions of XNA will be replaced with MonoGame, we’ll show users how to use our content tools, etc. We expect to fully credit your original tutorials… letting people know it is based on your XNA tutorials.

This sound ok?

I know @SimonDarksideJ is also working on an archive of all XNA tutorials and articles. I don’t know how he plans to publish this, but maybe your original site can point both to MonoGame’s adaptation of your work and the original XNA archive.




Sounds great. Would it be possible to host the resulting pages from riemers.monogame.net?

Let me know If theres anything specific I need to do during a next phase.

On a personal note: great work.


The XNA samples archive only starts with the backups of the samples and docs, but the full intention is to upgrade them all to MonoGame eventually @Tom .

I’ve also started archiving some of Shawn’s articles and updating them to MonoGame as well, although since his are mostly technical, they need very little apart from links and such.
Hopefully starting Ziggy’s archive soon. Was looking to do Reimers at some point, but as someone else has picked that up it’s less for me to do now :smiley:

Question later will be how to host the upgraded archive content on MonoGame, probably as a submodule of the docs site I would think

People thought you died lol.

I used to forward people to your site when the xna forums were around. Good to see your still around. I actually redid all your tutorials for the reach profile in xna and posted them on your forums at one point.

It would be great if you did a MonoGame tutorial or updated your site for MonoGame.

I realize this is an old thread. I loved the Riemer’s tutorials back in the day. They were excellent. Did this port actually happen and is living somewhere? I saw a Github work item that looked like this work was underway and then just stopped :man_shrugging:

I’m getting back into hobby game dev and just want to find a good starting point

It’s pretty easy to port them over.
There are a ton of links for tutorials under the documentation>articles (up top)
this one alone has a bunch https://github.com/UnterrainerInformatik/GameDevelopmentLinks and link to the reimer tutorals. https://web.archive.org/web/20190718040823/http://www.riemers.net/

The reimers tutorials are easy to use in monogame.
You just have to change the shader a little, change index buffers shorts in his examples to ints and set hi def on.

I still have the reimers shaping the light final part of one of his 3d series, converted in a monogame dx project, prolly would have to tweek it more to make it work with gl. I had a bunch of them converted i dunno what i did with most of them though.


Thanks a lot!

Now that we have MonoGame 3.8 up, would be good to have a concerted effort to get this old series updated

Notice the site is down @riemerg any chance to get it back. The wayback machine is ok, but not great for source.

It has begun :smiley:

What a shame that page has gone, @riemerg had some great tuts on there and was always super helpful.

I think i still have a signed copy of his book he sent me somewhere, ill have to dig it out.

Are you saying you are going to archive riemerg’s tutorials? I remember the good ole days of the creator club forums and those riemerg’s tutorials was always referenced.

:smiley: Not going to, already begun.

As with everything on the XNAGameStudio archive, were storing the latest and greatest.

With Riemers (as it had a special place in my heart) I’m also updating these to MonoGame after I’ve grabbed them. Might even make the 2D tutorial the new MG “Getting Started” tutorial maybe.

And as an update, I just had a breakthrough as I now have ALL the content from each series. (even the xwing model)


When the 3d tutorials have be completed please make a thread to announce this. Thank you.

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Everything is now archived. Now upgrading all the content to MonoGame :smiley:
Check the Wiki for progress

It’s such a shame what has happened to XNA… I bought every damn book I could, and hopefully I can get something going soon…

I noticed the Download does not include the Wiki content, any way to include that stuff?


And thank you for your efforts Simon!