Robo Miner 2

Hello monogamers - as I already had some questions posted on this community, I thought I should also showcase, what I am currently working on.

now released:

I am currently working on a sequel to Robo Miner - which was quite popular on android some years ago. Basically that game was made with libgdx, but was later ported to WinMobile and iOS - where I already used monogame to accomplish that task. It wasn’t that straightforward to port pure java/libgdx code to XNA/MonoGame (i basically recreated all libgdx features I used in C#) but MonoGame made that whole task A LOT easier.

Since then I have several games started or prototyped (some of them are unfinished because lack of time) and get my feet wet with MonoGame (since XNA was discontinued. As a developer, MonoGame is just unbeaten for me, because of it’s posibilities.

Anyway - now working on a sequel to this game (full 3D, endless environments) and I decided to start with MonoGame from the first place. Many ideas came and go and I had to make some compromisses (no deferred rendering in android) in order to stay cross-platform, which is very important for this specific game.

My current progress focuses on the android version and getting everything ready and working - the main development was done on the PC Version (which will be released later on)

I would be happy to answer any question and I do regulary post updates on the Robo Miner Facebook Page or on my Youtube Channel.


Robo Miner 2 is released and now available at the play store:

Now available:

Would love any feedback