Round the corners of asset image

Does Monogame have an easy way to draw a rectangular image (loaded into a Texture2D) with rounded corners?

I have a lot of images that I’m loading into Texture2D objects. The images are rectangular with a set size. I can’t split them up (like what seems to be a common approach for variable sized rounded-corner rectangles).

I need to draw those images with slightly rounded corners, because the images themselves have slightly rounded corners but without a transparent back. That causes the images to have some white corners that I would like to cut away using rounded corners.

Nope. Easiest would be to make the images transparent in the corners or in the pipeline tool set the color that indicates transparency to the background color. Otherwise you’d have to write a shader I guess (you could change the radius around the edges at runtime if you go with a shader). You could also mask the textures, check out the two answers to this SE gamedev question. Note that to do this you need a texture for the mask.

Ok then.
I’ll try to modify this answer that I found on SO for my needs. I’m guessing it will do what I want once I remove the unnecessary colors/gradients/borders.