RTX/DXR support?


I am looking to add RTX/DXR support to my app, and was wondering if MonoGame already has dxr support, or if it is being added in the future?


It is not supported right now. I would love to have it, but it will probably take a long time for us to even support D3D12.

Ok thanks for your reply. My solution atm is to write a multi-back end graphics api in c#, then convert my project
to using that.
I’d be happy for your team to check my dx12 backend and use anything that might help you. it’s called “GraphicsPlatforms” on github.


Sound cool, can you post the link?

Still a work in progress. I am working on the DirectX 12 platform first. As you can see, i’m not using sharpdx,
instead I am writing my own C++ .dll that will be used internally by the C# dx12 platform plugin.

Only a couple of days in progress, but i will be upadting it constantly as I make progress. Feel free anyone to sign up if you want to help.

And yeah as I said, feel free to use any of the code in helping adding dx12 to mono if you want.