Ruin 3D MMORPG made with Monogame

You have crash landed on a mysterious alien planet. Everything is now a life or death decision, Do you have what it takes to survive?
Chances are stacked against you, but don’t give up. You are most likely the last human alive. It is up to you and you alone to do what you must to stay alive. With enough perseverance, you can colonize this uncharted planet for mankind, but be wary for you might not be as alone as you think.

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Ruin is currently in Open beta and free to play.
Ruin also has an auto updater which automatically keeps your game up to date.
You can download the game at the official website.

Latest Devlog #1



Just released the second devlog for my MMO developed in Monogame.

Latest Devlog #2

Just released the third devlog for my MMO developed in Monogame.

Latest Devlog #3

Just released the fourth devlog for my MMO developed in Monogame.

Latest Devlog #4

Just released the fifth devlog for my MMO developed in Monogame.

Latest Devlog #5

Ruin Released



  • Player jumping has been improved.
  • Overall physics has been improved.
  • When digging material the dug material will now correctly show the right material.
  • Increased how fast you can dig, place material on ground or flatten a tile.
  • Fixed issue with server not letting you dig stone.
  • Improved interaction with trees, rocks and bushes when destroying them.
  • Loot is now placed on the ground when interacting with trees, rocks or bushes.
  • Server and client inventory management has been improved significantly.
  • Rendering model now groups up the same mesh into 1 draw call for performance.
  • When Increasing view distance the game will now also increase or reduce how far props will be loaded.
  • Reduced maximum camera render distance to match actual view distance. This means mountains in the distance should correctly slowly be visible rather then popping into existence.
  • You can no longer dig with a full inventory.
  • All props generated when map is created have unique rotations, sizes based on the type of variation.
  • Improved look of the inventory menu.


  • new action bar.
  • character panel shortcut on action bar.
  • spell book shortcut on action bar.
  • crafting shortcut to action bar.
  • map shortcut to action bar.
  • escape menu shortcut to action bar.
  • Replaced all old item icons with new high quality icons.
  • Replaced all old ability icons with new high quality icons.
  • Replaced all old world items with new high quality transparent icons.
  • 7 new variations of trees.
  • 4 new variations of bushes.
  • New UI backgrounds and borders for menu’s or game UI.
  • New setting “refresh rate” in options menu under the video tab, the new setting limits the maximum fps allowing you to match your monitors refresh rate. You can choose 60, 120, 140 or 240.
  • bounding box for all props to cull props not within camera view.
  • built in GPU level of detail rendering.

Just released the sixth devlog for my MMO developed in Monogame.

Latest Devlog #6

Looks like an amazing amount of programming and work has gone into this! Good job

The icons down the bottom look great too, the stats bars look a little bland though

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Thankyou boot, The stats bars at the top left will have a make over soon. I was going to update both the stats bars and the icons down the bottom at the same time, since the icons down the bottom recently had a make over, but I haven’t thought of a nice way to put the 4 bars together, I have a couple ideas but haven’t picked one yet to implement at the moment.

Just released the seventh devlog for my MMO developed in Monogame.

Latest Devlog #7

Just released the 8th devlog for my MMO developed in Monogame.

Latest Devlog #8

Ive been playing around a bit with 3d in monogame.

Im curious how you are handling mesh ground collisions for your characters to get them stay on the ground with a non flat mesh

Also how are you handling collisions with other objects in your world (trees etc)?

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Just released the 9th devlog for my MMO developed in Monogame.

Latest Devlog #9

Hello boot,

I’m using a heavily modified version of GitHub - forestrf/jitterphysics-1: A cross-platform, realtime physics engine for all .NET apps.
Its a c# physics library I was thinking of using Bepu Phsycis but instead I went with Jitter Physics I recommend you use either one as they are both really good.

Looking good mate.

I can see a lot of work has gone into it.

Are you drawing your ground mesh with draw instanced primitives? (Having the vertex array stored on the gpu)

If so do you keep a local copy in memory for mesh collisions?

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Hey boot, sorry for the late reply.

I’m using storing chunks of terrain around the player and the chunks have their detail reduced based on how far they are from the player. so the chunk your standing on and every adjacent tile around the tile your standing on will initialize with every tile in the chunk, every tile further then the adjacent tile your standing on will only initialize every second tile and the lowest detail chunk (very far) will only initialize with every fourth tile.

A chunk consists of 50 by 50 tiles each tile is rendered by checking adjacent tile heights i’m rendering the chunk in a vertex buffer and drawing the chunk with UserIndexedPrimitives.

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Thank you for your support and feedback during this exciting phase of the game’s development!


Checkout yesterday’s Stress Test as we dive into the dungeon: Ironclad Hideaway and level up together in the open world.


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