Run "Game.Update(GameTime)" when "Game.IsActive==false"

I want to allow the user, but that my XNA Game in Windows if it is set to “Game.IsActive == false” to suppress only the “Game.Draw (GameTime)” not the "Game.Update (GameTime). If the possible? (MonoGame)

Certainly. Simply create your trigger to change Game.IsActive to false and wrap your spriteBatch.Draw with an if statement.

if (IsActive)

I’m currently doing this so if my game screen is not in focus the Update and Draw methods are not run so clicks or keystrokes are not registered.

this sure not work. The Problem is Game.IsActive has no setter.

How do you set Game.IsActive to false? Windows Store OR Monogame.Game OR XNA-Game do not allow this. Its only a get Property. How you set Game.IsActive to true back?

From what I understand of Game.IsActive it switches from True to False when Focus is lost. So if you click outside the screen it switches to False.

MSDN Article on Game.IsActive

I currently just have the above if statement wrapped around my spriteBatch.Draw() method and if I click off the screen the draw method doesn’t get processed. Clicking back into the program triggers Game.IsActive to True.

If you want to set IsActive to false on other occasions then I suggest making your own IsActive Boolean within your code and have a trigger for it.