Running game on mac

Hi, iv been searching the forums looking for an answer to this and have found some useful information.

However I don’t have a Mac to test on, but have a friend who is willing to test. I have never used a Mac or Linux and don’t know anything about them.

I have read that I can create a opengl project and that it will be crossplatform, however I’m not sure what steps I need to take.

For example do I need to do anything with the exe file in order to make it comparable with Mac? Or do I need to change something with visual studies? I also read that I need to include mono with it is this still the case?

I’m sorry if I am repeating stuf on her, I couldn’t find a resent post about this.

You can cross-compile the game to Mac using mkbundle. Here’s a tutorial. mkbundle packages the runtime into the application, allowing it to run without the user installing Mono. I do this for macOS and Linux builds of my game, and they run great.

Make sure any platform-specific APIs are behind preprocessor directives. Keep this in mind if you’re building with .NET Framework instead of .NET Core: I haven’t had any success getting the cross-compiled applications to run with Mono versions 6.x. However, I use 5.18 and it works well. I believe 5.20 may work as well, but I haven’t tested it.

Thank you. I’ll look at that. Much appreciated