Running MGCB causes errors and the editor doesn't look like in the tutorial

I’m running macOS Sonoma using VS Code

And when I select opening content.mgcb with the editor I get this in Output

Users/<name>/Desktop/code/games/monogame/MyGame/MyGame.csproj : warning NU1803: You are running the 'restore' operation with an 'HTTP' source, ''. Non-HTTPS access will be removed in a future version. Consider migrating to an 'HTTPS' source. [/Users/<name>/Desktop/code/games/monogame/MyGame/MyGame.sln]
/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/8.0.100/NuGet.targets(156,5): error : Unable to load the service index for source [/Users/<name>/Desktop/code/games/monogame/MyGame/MyGame.sln]
/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/8.0.100/NuGet.targets(156,5): error :   Network is unreachable ( [/Users/<name>/Desktop/code/games/monogame/MyGame/MyGame.sln]
/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/8.0.100/NuGet.targets(156,5): error :   Network is unreachable [/Users/<name>/Desktop/code/games/monogame/MyGame/MyGame.sln]

The editor looks weird and if I right like on the Project window the editor just closes

And this in Problems