Running Protobuild.exe on Mac Issues

I am running into a bug that is covered by issue #4103 (Don’t use alcMacOSXMixerOutputRate on iOS as it is not included in iOS9). It looks like a solution for this is in the development branch, so I pulled down the branch and am trying to build it via the “mono Protobuild.exe” command from my terminal but it is giving me “command not found”. I navigated to the folder that Protobuild.exe exists in, so not sure if I am typing something wrong. Would someone by chance have an idea of what I am doing wrong (new to Mac’s so not sure if I am typing in the terminal correctly) or would someone be able to provide me with a very recent development iOS dll?

FYI I found out that you need to create the directory usr/local/bin before installing Mono in order for the terminal to detect the “mono” command.

Did you install Mono separately or let the Xamarin installer do it? I’ve only used the Xamarin installer.

Initially I only downloaded Xamarin, but I suspect I didn’t have that specific directory created either. I’m assuming it works downloading just Mono, or through the Xamarin download, as long as the directory exists.