Runtime load of TMX

Hi there,

I’ve been using the 0.5 release of the Tiled library (which is awesome) and had a look at the 0.6 version. The way tiled graphics are drawn are quite different between the two!

Just a quick question - is there a way to dynamically create layers/tilesets/etc… in the latest version? From what I can see, everything is required to be put in the pipeline, but is there an alternative for loading the map from disk at runtime?

You don’t have to put your images in the pipeline. However, by doing so you do not have to worry about the path to your images or the image extensions. And I imagine there is some performance considerations in that using the pipeline is more efficient than not using it.

If you don’t use it than you have to provide the path and t he image extension for your image files…

You can pass in the path and image extension?
Sorry, I’m a bit of a newbie at this!

I thought everything generally used ContentReader and the tilesets/layers were built from that.

The content pipeline is an asset that allows you to easily centralize your images into a directory and then load them without regard to a path and extension. Putting your images into the pipeline is the appropriate way to have your application handle the loading of these images.

However, you do not have to do this by simply providing the content loader with a file path and a file extension. I have done this and it works fine but I prefer to use the pipeline…