Same display on multiple monitors

I’ve written a simple graphics demo in MonoGame. It looks fine, but, I want it to run on all of my monitors at once. Since my monitors are setup with different resolutions and orientations, stretching a single graphic window across them doesn’t look right. Instead, I’d like to launch a separate instance of the demo on each monitor.

I’ve tried something like this in my main program:

foreach (Screen screen in Screen.AllScreens)
using (var demo = new Game1(new Rectangle(screen.Bounds)))

This sends the size and position of each monitor as a parameter into the demo and adjusts the window accordingly. It runs three demos, each with the proper position and size, but they are run back-to-back, not concurrently. I’m presuming I have to create a new task/thread for each monitor, but I’ve never done anything like that before.

I’d like each screen to have it’s own demo, but, if I close any one of them, all three end at the same time. Is something like that possible? Thanks!