Samples - Official and Otherwise

What and where are “all” the samples for MonoGame?

I don’t see anything about “samples” or “examples” in the ReadMe, main doc page, doc nav or external links page:

I did manage to find this:

Looks official given it’s path. Is it?

I also often hit this one which is much older but has way more code to look at:

And I just found these:

So I think the answer to my own question is:

Samples are:

Note that “dated” does not mean “useless”.

Do people agree? Did I miss anything? Additional thoughts/comments?

Sounds about right. A couple things:

[quote=“Chuck_Esterbrook, post:1, topic:8028”]
Looks official given it’s path. Is it?
[/quote] Yes. Official as in maintained by MG maintainers

  • I think CartBlanches repo can be seen as official too. He was involved with the project from the beginning and I think that repo is were examples went before the MonoGame/MonoGame-Samples repo was up. Doesn’t really matter if you see it as official or not though, either way that thing is a gold mine if you’re looking for samples.
  • Dated doesn’t mean useless indeed. Since MG is pretty strict with its API because of XNA compatibility and all, most samples will still work fine. Note that this implies XNA samples are worth looking at too.
  • I didn’t know about panthernet, cool!

Thanks for the response.

If anyone knows of any other samples out there, even individual ones, please feel free to post them in this thread.

Any of these recently tested successfully?

I tried the dev and master branches of MonoGame/MonoGame.Samples and a couple of the different GL/DX variations on Windows 10, and each time just a blank white screen and I could not Alt+F4 or Alt+Tab out to even debug. It even held foreground when Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open task manager. So I didn’t get to trying all the projects/platform combinations since I pretty much had to restart my computer each time.