Save the Zacks is out for iOS, yay!

After many years of weekend development, my first indie game release is out. Please go ahead and try it out! (Free download, last level worlds as IAP)

Save the Zacks is a cute and quirky physics based puzzler, where you guide the little Zack balls to teleports and other escapes by digging the terrain and tilting your device to change gravity. Did I mention that you can explode a few Zacks to clear the path? Well, you can. But don’t worry, it’s for the good of many. Watch out for monsters, lasers, saw blades, lava and other dangers along the way.

The minimalistic design and soothing music track makes it a relaxing experience. Also, totally ad-free!
…and yes, I played a lot of Lemmings growing up :slight_smile:

Trailer video: