Saving and Loading State/Save files for UWP

I’m trying to understand how to handle saving states and using setting files within UWP.
I have gone over quite a few examples but I just can’t seem to get my head around how to get it working. Either I have issues with parts of the examples not available on the UWP platform,
90% of the examples seem to use [Serializable] data but I can’t seem to get this to work in UWP but does work fine in the DirectX project.

I know this is also quite new but i’m trying to understand the best practice for this type of saving and how this will link to the Xbox Live Creators Programs Connected Storage and Title Storage API

Does anyone have any examples or can direct me to tutorials/documentation that would help with teaching me this concept. Once I understand this I plan to write a tutorial for other newbie like myself to give back to the community.

I am putting together a guide on XML Serialisation and Storage for UWP, will take a few weeks from now, though I already have a few apps on the store making use of the storage API.

Using my mobile right now, just moved houses and setting things up.

I look forward to see your guide. Been looking at the XML serialization this afternoon but didn’t still can’t get it to work on Xbox One.

The reason it is not working is because you are not looking at UWP examples, you are using desktop routes… [Hint-Hint]

Thanks for advise, Not had much time to look at this over the last week, but I did get IsolatedStorage and XmlSerialiser working today. :grinning: though i’m still trying to understand the Async methods. my current implementation is not using async operations at the moment and this is causing a lot of freezing while the IO actions are being performed but it is working.

Never used Async code before so going to continue learning it.

Very Simple really…

Async and Task, just look at a simple example and you will get it soon, also check Channel9 for a thorough video on Aync in C#.

Glad you got that bit sorted :slight_smile: