scale tiles without losing quality

I got my 16x16 tiles which I want to scale in-game to 64x64, is there anyway to do this without losing any quality of the tile

It’s not fully clear to me what you mean. Do you mean that the texture for your tile is 16x16 pixels and you want to scale it to 64x64 pixels? Or do you have a tiled pattern with 16 rows and columns?

I understand that you are trying to use 16x16px sprites for the tile textures, which you then want to scale up times four in your engine, as @markus suggested. If so, if you want to retain the original quality of the sprite (without the texture looking stretched), I think you will need to either:

  1. use the PointClamp or PointWrap sampler state in your spritebatch, or
  2. scale up the tiles manually to 64x64px, and then load them through the content pipeline, to avoid having to scale them up in the engine at all.
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Yes I have a 16px by 16px tiles which I need to scale to 64x64 in the game itself, I think @mohaxomaxa answered my question, thanks

Just ensure you scale by a factor of 2^ and avoid blending…


Bicubic scaling in other words? right?

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exactly what I was looking for omg thanks!!!

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