Scene2D and Actors

Is there something like an Scenemanager/Scenegraph in MonoGame to make life easier when making 2D games?

Something in MonoGame to create a displaylist?

How do others manage their sprites in Monogame? Is there an existing library that u can use with MonoGame for this purpose?

Similar to this:

Stage stage = new Stage();
DisplayObject displayObject = new DisplayObject();
displayObject.x = 20;
displayObject.y = 100;
displayObject.rotate = 90;

DisplayObjectGroup displayObjectGroup = new DisplayObjectGroup();


And if not. Is there interest when i make something like this for MonoGame? Or is this too high level? I know MonoGame is not supposed to be a game engine. But i guess a lot of people need something like this. Maybe only for making Graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

So this leads to the question how MonoGame developer make their GUIs or with what they are making their GUIs?


MonoGame is a Framework that provides you methods to build your own game.
There is no such of SceneManager component.

But you can create it easly with MonoGame :smile:

For me, for a 2D game, i think a SceneManager is a good thing to do in order to maintain your code and have more code readability.