Screenspace Decal

thanks, i will take a look on ur code

Check if you maybe want to project to the xz plane. I remember that I had to switch y with z somewhere. Good luck!

Did it work also with the normals? I only got the diffuse part working…

I didn’t bother with normals yet, maybe if i find an appropriate texture.

Right now i manipulate only albedo, no roughness/metalness/mattype etc.

Normal blending (for alpha < 1) is a very interesting topic though, maybe worth exploring.

Yes, I also think it is interesting. Also the use case for footsteps mentioned in a blog somewhere, icefallgames or something like that.

weird… i try to render the texture show at right. i have textureCoordinate issue i had follow all ur code, but dun know why i have this issue.

Sry my mistake, I got it. it actually projection to z direction

Had the same thing ^^
Thats what I meant flipping y and z. I also tried to project to the “floor”. So the “wall” projection did not work out with the original code.

Is there a simple example project of this working by chance?