Scripting language for MonoGame

Hi folks,

I’m currently starting to develop a roguelike in MonoGame and I’d like to have scripting support. My first choice would be IronPython due to the language and great tooling support(Visual Studio integration) but it seems not to be available for all platforms (especially mobile if I got this right).

But if there is no suitable alternative, I’d live with this constraint and hope it would be available in the future.

Any comments/thoughts on this?

I know that a lot of people are using LUA for their scripting, maybe you should give that a try!

I’m doing something similar and I’m using C# as scripting language for himself.

The good point is that (if correctly handled) in order to release in problematic platforms (i.e. iOS) I just have to add the .CS files to the main project (or as a DLL if you want to keep them isolated) and are compiled in compile time, while the development version can compile them in runtime.

If you’re interested, Nick Gravelyn had an excellent resource about this, althought his blog has lots of broken links now. Here is in

Yes, C# scripting, especially with Roselyn, is also a valid option. Python just feels a little more handy (not so verbose) as a scripting language.

Wouldn’t CSScript work for your needs?

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