SDL2.dll not found exception (RESOLVED)

Debian Linux 9 Stretch, MonoDevelop Stable 6.2, MonoGame 3.6

Just cloned the MonoGame.Extended repository from github. Built the solution in MonoDevelop, trying to run some of the demos but when it gets to the game constructor it throws a System.Dllnotfoundexception saying that it can’t find SDL2.dll. My other cross platform OpenGL projects created in MonoDevelop on Linux run fine. Any ideas? I would really like to explore MonoGame.Extended, it sounds very useful.

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If needed, please mark this post as resolved. I solved the problem by installing all libsdl2, libsdl2-gfx, libsdl2-image, libsdl2-mixer, libsdl2-net, and libsdl2-ttf packages. Hopefully this will assist someone else!

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This solution is a bit dated, and doesn’t work anymore. The updated package for this error is libsdl2-dev, which is in the Ubuntu Universe repository. Below was the solution for my situation on Zorin OS 16.2/Ubuntu 20.04:

sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo apt install libsdl2-dev

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Cheers.