searching for high quality textured models

As I’m and was mainly working on the implementation of different techniques I collected a bunch of “good enough” models along the way.
It would be nice to have a set of textured models of higher quality which fulfill certain “requirements”. Maybe this does not sound so difficult but it is not easy to find models which for example provide:

  1. Good amount of geometry
  2. Good UV mapping
  3. Correct normals
  4. All kinds of high quality textures to test various effects like:
  • Albedo
  • normal
  • height
  • bump
  • alpha

So what do you guys think about it? Maybe you think it is very easy to find good content? :slight_smile:

Free content, and moreover, good, is rare. I’m also interested. But i think i have tried every site proposing 3d models for free and not retained a lot, at least for spaceships models