Seikka: online multiplayer RPG for Windows Phone (UK, Finland)

Join in Talaria for an online multiplayer RPG experience. Gather a group of friends and take together part in Quests and fight in battles. Be good or evil - it’s your choice!

Seikka is an online “retro” multiplayer RPG. We’re using monogame 3.2. The App is actually a “simple” client and the game runs on several servers in the cloud. We two individual developers doing this, so we are making a soft launch to see how the game servers scale up and the game catches on.

Windows Phone Store 8.1 (free) download link
UK Store

Finland Store

Seikka (online multiplayer retro RPG) has now been ported to Android and now we are looking for beta testers. Thanks to Xamarin and Monogame, almost 95% code was reusable in Android. Only specific tasks (like Windows Phone Review) don’t naturally work with Android.

[Seikka beta version download linkg on Google Play for Android]

Gameplay Video


Seikka is available now on Android

Google play download link

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