Self build of latest Monogame generates garbage

Hey ppl,

I have some very stange issues. I’ve debug my game and god some garbage issues. At first I thought its from the current monogame version (3.6). So I download the latest and build it on my own. Its still there. Here is a sample project, I found here in the forum:

The strange thing is it’s heavy on debug und ony withour debug if I move the mouse.

What could that be? ( I use vs2017 community)

The garbage comes from WinForms Events.
You can try my branch here where I removed most garbage from Mouse, Keyboard and Touch.

Hi, event if I dont use move/keyboard?
Could you compile me a version of it :)?
And how I build that .nupkg !?

It’s not much different from what you did with the latest MonoGame.
I thought you could pick the relevant commits in your build/branch.

What kind of garbage do you see in your game?

It’s listet as
HandleCollector+HandleType and

Edit: and there is a bug in the framerate counter: