Setting up MonoGame in Visual Studio Code on Linux

Hey guys. A little under a year ago, I used to be very active in the community and I was writing my own game engine called the Peace Engine, for my game, The Peacenet.

I kind of left the community and stopped working on Peace Engine after we switched to Unreal Engine 4 because of things like Blueprint, the UMG UI editor, etc. However, a lot of us run various flavours of Linux and do not use Windows anymore - and Unreal is very difficult to get up and running (and stable) on Linux - especially with Visual Studio Code.

I used to use VS2017 but I found it was very bloaty for me even on an SSD. I’ve since switched to and become accustomed to Visual Studio Code and I really love it. I don’t think I ever want to go back. It’s an amazing IDE.

My question is, is it even possible to get MonoGame working inside Visual Studio Code on Xubuntu 18.10? I’d love to see if I can revamp and rewrite the Peace Engine. I may not port my game to it but it would be neat to try my hand at writing an engine again.

The only thing MG does to integrate with VS is provide project templates. MG doesn’t do anything special, so it works with any IDE. I mostly use Code for MG even on Windows, I like it a lot better than VS.

I used MonoDevelop when i was using linux way back when because it was a lot like Vs.

I was using Eclipse before that but i actually dropped it for MonoDevelop once i tried that but you might like that more.