Setup with VS 2019

I have Visual Studio 2019 community edition on a windows 10 laptop. I have the .net Desktop Development and Universal Windows Platform Development package bundles installed among with some C++ and Python stuff. I ran the MonoGame 3.7.1 visual studio installer then downloaded the monogame templates from the extension manager. At one point Visual Studio had me install a new windows sdk, and at another point it downloaded some NuGet packages. When I go to build any of the templates it throws an exception because it can’t find Xna in the Microsoft namespace. Is there any way of setting Monogame up without setting up VS 2017? I am very new to C#, trying to learn it, and this is the first library I’m trying to setup.

I was able to get it setup using this tutorial Basically just temporally rename a copy of the Visual Studio 2019 folder.

Yeah, I don’t understand. The devs refuse to properly support VS2019. I think they are working on better support for the future but it would be nice to have proper '19 support since we’re already half way through 2020…


The directions are for downloading but end me up at NuGet, where there’s a million packages… I have no idea where to start as the documentation doesn’t match what’s out there.

Use the getting started link, it tells you all you need :slight_smile:

The NuGet packages are basically zip files. Just change the file extension form .nupkg to .zip, and you can find all the binaries in there.
If you want an installer use 3.7.1: