Shader / Model problem

Hi there.

I got two issues:

  1. When i try to load a model by content load, mono says me that it doesn’t appear as mbfx file.
    I’m basically trying to make this sample work:

And i dont’ get how to convert the cylinder.x file

  1. I have some shaders (.mgfx) converted from XNA. Some are working quite well, some others mess uo with textures. Like this one:

    // Pixel shader combines the bloom image with the original
    // scene, using tweakable intensity levels and saturation.
    // This is the final step in applying a bloom postprocess.

    sampler BloomSampler : register(s0);
    sampler BaseSampler : register(s1);

    float BloomIntensity;
    float BaseIntensity;

    float BloomSaturation;
    float BaseSaturation;

    // Helper for modifying the saturation of a color.
    float4 AdjustSaturation(float4 color, float saturation)
    // The constants 0.3, 0.59, and 0.11 are chosen because the
    // human eye is more sensitive to green light, and less to blue.
    float grey = dot(color, float4(0.3, 0.59, 0.11, 0));

     return lerp(grey, color, saturation);


    float4 main(float2 texCoord : TEXCOORD0) : COLOR0
    // Look up the bloom and original base image colors.
    float4 bloom = tex2D(BloomSampler, texCoord);
    float4 base = tex2D(BaseSampler, texCoord);

     // Adjust color saturation and intensity.
     bloom = AdjustSaturation(bloom, BloomSaturation) * BloomIntensity;
     base = AdjustSaturation(base, BaseSaturation) * BaseIntensity;
     // Darken down the base image in areas where there is a lot of bloom,
     // to prevent things looking excessively burned-out.
     base *= (1 - saturate(bloom));
     // Combine the two images.
     return base + bloom;


    technique BloomCombine
    pass Pass1
    PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 main();

I’ trying to make thee Bloom sample to work. There are 2 rendertarget swapping each other, but it shows only the shader (the bloom), not the textures. I read that was a bug in 3.3 but i’m using 3.4 now.

Can you help mee please?

This is the bloom sample:

When i apply the shader to rendertargets and swap them, textures on rendertarget are completely gone. It shows only the bloomed effect.