Shaders and linux workflow

I have a question regarding the best way to work on a project with shaders on Linux.

As shaders cannot be compiled on Linux at the moment, I have to do that on Windows. That isn’t a big problem, nor is getting the xnb files of the shader from Windows to Linux.

I want to do the rest of the development on Linux, so here is where I need some help: when I try to build the project on Linux, the build fails because MGCB throws an error (because shaders cannot be compiled on Linux). The only way I can get it to build is to remove the reference to build the shader from the Content file. That seems quite cumbersome, as I would have to reinclude the reference if I want to work on the shader on Windows. Is there a way to automate this (or can I make MGCB simply ignore shaders instead of throwing an error?).