Shaped raycast in Aether.Physics2D?

I uses the nkast.Aether.Physics2D library for my game and now i makes Item class but i have problems:

const float ITEMS_RADIUS = 10;

public Item(World world, IItem item)
    body = world.CreateCircle(ITEMS_RADIUS, 1, FVector2.Zero, BodyType.Dynamic);
    this.item = item;

Is will be have a terrible optimization.

public void Update(World world)
    world.Circlecast((fixture, point, normal, fraction) =>
        if (fixture.Body.Tag is IMap)
            velocity.X = 0;
            velocity.Y *= 1f - normal.Y;
            return 0;
        if (fixture.Body.Tag is Player player)
        return -1;
    }, position, position + velocity, ITEMS_RADIUS);

It more looks like a normal realization.

But Aether does not have support the shaped raycasts me need to change physics engine or Aether have something for that?
I has try Box2D but there have the same.