Monogame uses SharpDX, (an awesome wrapper imo), for windows.
And OpenTK for linux and mac (unless I’m mistaken?)

I was wondering though, what about SharpGL?

As Monogame’s purpose is to offer a framework for games for as many platforms as possible,
wouldn’t it be preferable, to use internally a single graphics API?

Wouldn’t SharpGL be an excellent fit for this purpose?

It probably would be better if I tried it myself, before posting, but the fact is I don’t have the experience to evaluate its stability and performance. I’m hoping I could fish some information/opinions from seasoned programmers over here.

Full Disclosure: I personally use SharpDX, mainly because it mirrors so closely D3D. I want to get experience using an established API, but still love the ease of use that C# offers. But seeing how microsoft is treating D3D as a Siamese twin to its OS, I am seriously considering switching to openGL.

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OpenTK and SharpGL both wrap OpenGL functions. SharpGL has nothing to do with SharpDX (other than both being C# wrappers), their interfaces are different. Also, there is no OpenGL ES supporrt in SharpGL as far as I know, which is a big trouble for iOS and Android.

Switching to OpenGL on Windows is a bit rash based on a “siamese twin” premise, considering that DirectX is getting a lot of support at Microsoft right now. DirectX 12 is about to be announced at GDC and promises to bring a lot of good stuff. We will be watching the announcements closely.

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Ah yeah, can’t forget the mobile devices & metro, so I guess sharpGL wouldn’t offer you guys much after all.

Well, I’d say it more of an observed behavior than just a premise, but maybe things will be different with D3D12 (i.e. whether it’s bolted to a future win9 or available on win7 as well).