Should I learn old or new 3D stuff

I was looking into the 3D aspect of monogame, and I noticed that all of the tutorials and articles were about using matrices and perspective views and stuff. With a little more digging, I found out that that was the way you did 3D in XNA. But looking through the monogame API documentation, I saw things like “Model” and “Render Texture 3D”, which look like dedicated tools to me. Is there a reason I should learn one over the other? What would be the best way to learn the newer stuff?

They are all different parts of the whole, so all relevant really.

Ok, cool! How do the model classes work? I couldn’t find much on them other than the scripting API, and that’s limited. Any good resources them that you know of?

You import a mesh via the content pipeline and use that to render that mesh.

There are loads of useful articles out there, I have a git repo with lots of bit in if you want to check that out here: