Should I port TilemapKit to MonoGame/C#?

TilemapKit is a complete solution for grid-based tilemap games and reads/writes Tiled’s TMX format.

It’s available for Objective-C and Swift users (SpriteKit, Cocos2D) and is currently being ported to C++ / Cocos2d-x.

TilemapKit Features

  • Supports all map orientations and stagger variations. Including all variations of hex and iso maps.
  • Creates pathfinding graphs. (currently requires GameplayKit, alternatives in consideration)
  • Supports normal-mapped tileset textures for realistic lighting.
  • Plays tile animations, globally synchronised or asynchronous per coordinate.
  • Supports “Collection of Images” tilesets, as individual files or packed into a texture atlas.
  • Performs all coordinate conversions you’ll ever need to use.
  • Assigns Tiled properties directly to class instances (configurable).
  • Reads and writes all TMX data and provides a simply API to access this data at runtime.
  • Prevents rendering artifacts (“black lines”) in most situations by default, or with tile stretching and position clamping modes.
  • Excellent rendering performance, regardless of map size. TilemapKit optionally restricts tile rendering to a customizable area.
  • Automatically uses high resolution images. No need to make copies of the TMX file for higher resolutions either.
  • Outstanding support and frequent updates. TilemapKit will continue to support the latest Tiled features.
  • … and a lot more is already taken care of by TilemapKit. And if there’s something missing, let us know. We provide support and updates swiftly.

I’m evaluating next-steps after the C++ port, specifically which language and engine to address first. If you wish TilemapKit were available for MonoGame, please vote here and/or leave a comment.

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Necropost, this has been inactive for 4 years, and it looks like TC never ported it. Looks like it could make for a cool modern stronghold crusader style game. Would have loved to use it in MonoGame.